This page is dedicated the Goddess Hecate who has travelled, guided and directed me through the phases of my life's journey

if you listen and watch Hecate will touch you from her WILLOW



Art created by Robin M. Weare, 1995. May be distributed freely, but not sold, with acknowledgement of source and artist.

Terra Mir Bookstore of diversity. I am its proprietor and selector. I am an associate of Amazon.com. Many of the references of books made throughout the Hearth can be found at: WICCAN section and the PAGAN SITE . Also there is a TAROT area. Take some time to browse, Amazon offers many books at least 15% below the normal bookstore prices. Many of the reviews our original. All titles are owned in our personal library. This satisfies the ex-librarian in me. Thank you in advance.
Also please visit http://www.imagik.net

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