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Celtic tree lunar cycle
Birch (Beith): a new start or beginning, a cleansing
Rowan (Luis): protection against enchantment; control of all the senses
Alder (Fearn): Oracular and protective
Willow (Saille): Night vision, lunar rhythms, female aspects.
Ash (Nuin): Inner and outer worlds linked, macrocosm and microcosm.
Hawthorn (Huathe): Cleansing and chastity, protection
Oak (Duir): Solid protection, doorway to the mysteries, strength.
Holly (Tinne): Best in the fight.
Hazel (Coll): Intuition, straight to the source.
Apple (Quert): Choice of beauty.
Vine (Muin): Prophecy.
Ivy (Gort): The spiral of the self, search for self.
Blackthorn (Straif): No choice however unpleasant, cleansing.
Elder (Ruis): The end in the beginning and the beginning in the end.

These interpretations were gathered from:The Celtic Tree Oracle: a system of divination / by Liz and Colin Murray. New York, NY. St. Martin's Press, c1988, 1991 ISBN: 031202325. First US editionThis can be purchased in the Terra Mir Bookstore. Click here for more information and purchase *here*.

It is important to note that the Celtic Lunar cycle as described by the Murrays begins with November and ends with the Elder being the last three days in October.

We have two systems in place for what one defines as the Celtic Lunar cycle and its corresponding trees. Another version is expressed in The Celtic Lunar Zodiac / by Helena Paterson and illustrated by Margaret Walty. Boston: Charles E. Tuttle Co, Inc. c.1992. ISBN 080481821. You can purchase this book through Terra Mir Bookstore: Click here to purchase *HERE*
In her book she begins the cycle with the Birch tree on December 24th.

Yet, another scholarly work regarding the Celtic Pagan Year one could refer to is The Celtic Druid's Year: seasonal cycles of the Ancient Celts / John King. London : Blandford, c.1994. ISBN:0713724617(hdbk). You can purchase this book through Terra Mir Bookstore: Click here to purchase *HERE*This page represents only a grain of sand on coastal front of Celtic traditions and practices.
An excellent link is Rowanhold Bardic Circle.

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