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Who is Brighid?


and why do I dedicate my website to her? It is very simple; she is the Celtic goddess of the Hearth, Prophecy and creativity. Creating a website of interest is indeed a craft.

Aside from that; this Celtic year has given me much insight into my own direction on how I can assist and be apart of the future community as it relates to the land. Much of which I received through my meditative processes was given to me by Brighid.

She is an interesting study because of her warrior nature. I find Brighid to be one of the most androgynous God/desses of the Celtic tradition.

This year has proven to be much of what I had prophecized to me on Samhain. This is a year of creative change and the empty handed leap into the void.

Site Blessing

Shining Brigit, Lady of Poetry, Mistress of finely wrought Words,
Behold this tribute to your realm.
Rich Earth, hold firm for the safety of all.
Pure Air, flow freely for the clarity of all.
Passionate Fire, burn brightly the creativity of all.
Primal Water, bathe us in empathy for all.

May these pages call out to
Those who would benefit and be
Shielded from unfriendly eyes
May they enrich, amuse and stimulate
All who share and study here.

May the words herein inspire us to:
Walk in Balance, Live in Love
Create in Beauty, Speak the Truth
Touch with Respect, Grow in Trust
Revel in Diversity, Listen with Patience
Play with Joy, Work for Justice
May we reach our full potential.

As it harm none, according to the free will of all.
So Mote it Be.

This link has an approach to the description of Brighid that is down to Earth and my kind of writing, well done! Please go visit Raven at

Here is an excellent link to more scholarly information on: Brighid

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