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The name imagik was chosen long before I was on the internet.I am a Beatlemaniac. I went to get vanity plates for my vehicle to honor John Lennon, when the many variations of "imagine" were taken, I had to come up with something else. My mate suggested I take IMAGIK because of my interest in desk top publishing and computer art. The word is pronounced "ee-magic" and not eye-magic. Contrary, to the common perception, Imagik is not meant to have any "magical" reference. It was taken in the most mundane definition. The concept was to combine..Imaging (digital) with my nickname Jake. Thus imaging magic by Jake.

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August 1997 I quit my civil service job of 22 years to venture out on the internet world and work with computer technology. I set myself up in a home business where I did web designs as well as trained people one on one on the Windows operating system.

I am self taught through many third party books and trial and error. I had a rather unfortunate experience when attempting to attend a technical college to learn more about my exciting craft. I was discriminated against at the time for first being on a Windows system attempting to do graphics and not a Mac and then second coming from the University community. Definite prejudice was felt. I did not complete the course. Instead I sought my own knowledge by just doing it.

Three PCs later and now happily on a Macintosh, I am content to work with animation and javascript for the web design. My main software programs used are: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director and Flash. Photoshop is also a primary application.

I have branched out and now perform some desktop print publishing in my little home business. I taught myself Quark and InDesign.

There is an irony to my story. For many years working as a cataloger for the Library and acting in the capacity of a Union Steward, I spent a great deal of my energy fighting the advancement of technology. The physical implications of the harm of being chair bound and key board chained was a major concern to me 26 years ago.

I won't lie I have had physical impairments. 1) I have had surgery on my hand, 2) arthritis in the lower back has set in and finally I suffer from regular eye vision correction.

The damage was largely due to not being listened to or budget constraints of the organization I worked for. Thus today, I am much better off because I have the most perfect ergonomic setting for myself ... in my home office.

Today I am grateful I live in this age of technology. What gifts there are. I have had the fine opportunity to meet so many alike minded people throughout the world. The thrill of carrying on daily conversations with these associates is the kind of knowledge you can't get from a library.

I hope you enjoy your venture through my site which is both personal and business.



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