This way to the INGRESS




Here is a the table contents that I will try to abide by.


II. Stories of interest written by anyone.
For example, Dad's trip with Rob across country.
Anything you can remember that is anecdotal and would be nice to pass on to generations.
Jim could tell the funny SNAKE story and lets not forget the BILL and FOX story with Trixie
as the hero.

The purpose here is to get the most information down as possible and as accurate as possible. But we want to make sure its about how we lived and laughed.

III. This is the biggest job, I am going to start scanning DAD's book in and OCR it and either put it in a PDF format for download or have it up page after page on the web. I understand there are not any more copies and it is not printed on ACID free paper so preservation is imminent.

IV. Sound Bytes...some of us may have tape recordings that we can use for the site. I don't but I am thinking Brother Bill may???

V. Mom's Recipe box will be scanned and then translated so the time honored recipes will be all there.

This is a big undertaking and it probably won't be near finished for a year but the photos will be going up first. And it of course may have the fate of many other noble Archer projects and NEVER get done. hahahaha.

Please pass this message on to all others in the family who may be interested that I don't have their email address or am to lazy to look it up (the latter more than the former).

Since I pay for the website...I will admit there will be artistic license applied in choosing what pics go up and what ones don't UNLESS there is a specific request.

This is only for those people who want to participate. Those who don't...oh well. I will be putting this site up one way or another and would like participation from all the family but of course it is not mandatory.

Critiques are welcomed but not criticisms...that we all do too, too well ;-)

Thank you,

Jacquelyn Marie Framstad Archer aka JAKE

NOTE: Framstad is a second middle name and not my surname.